Since 2001, Mom’s Quit Connection (MQC), New Jersey’s comprehensive perinatal smoking cessation program, has provided free one-on-one smoking cessation support to pregnant women and mothers of young children. The health implications of smoking during pregnancy are well known.  Roughly 12% of NJ women who are currently pregnant smoke; putting their pregnancy at risk for complications such as premature birth, low birth weight, miscarriage, and other serious obstetrical complications.  Additionally, nearly 400,000 children in New Jersey are exposed to second-hand smoke, significantly increasing their risk for respiratory illnesses such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and ear infections. Each patient/client referred to MQC is assigned to a perinatal tobacco treatment specialist for free, unlimited counseling sessions to help them quit smoking.

    MQC provides healthcare providers and clinicians free, easy to use Fax-to-Quit referral forms and brochures to refer patients/clients into the program. Additionally, MQC offers free, onsite or online brief intervention training on the Ask, Advise, and Refer best practice model. Once patients are referred to the program, providers and clinicians receive smoking status updates that become vital information for the patient’s record and ongoing care. For more information, contact Cathy Butler-Witt at 856-675-5289 or

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