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    The Physicians Foundation Announces Release of Poverty and the Myths of Health Care Reform

    The Physicians Foundation recently announced the release of Poverty and the Myths of Health Care Reform, a thought-provoking and data-rich book that documents the impact of social determinants on healthcare costs.

    Authored by the late Richard (Buz) Cooper, M.D., the book draws on decades of health research and economic data to demonstrate the pervasive, debilitating effects of poverty on healthcare costs, resource utilization and overall patient outcomes. The book, now available, is published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Read more.

    The Physicians Foundation Releases National Survey Results

    The Physicians Foundation, of which MSNJ is a founding member, released its biennial report. It found that physicians continue to struggle to maintain morale, adapt to changing delivery and payment models, and provide access to care. Almost half will reduce hours, retire, or assume non-clinical roles which will impact patient access. Read the press release.

    New Report: Medical Practices Spend $15.4 Billion on Quality Reporting Metrics

    According to a new report developed by Lawrence Casalino, MD, and supported by the Physicians Foundation, physician practices spend 15.4 billion annually on quality reporting measures. While quality reporting metrics are not going away anytime soon, policy makers, health plans and EHR vendors must take steps to alleviate these onerous reporting requirements. Review the full report here.

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