MSNJ Membership Types (Please select the appropriate membership type below)

    I am a physician practicing more than 20 hours per week [select county below] 

    I am a physician over the age of 70 [select county below]
    I am a physician practicing fewer than 20 hours per week [select county below]  

    I am a practice manager, medical student, resident, MOCCAPPI, or associate physician residing outside New Jersey 

    [select member type below]

    Note: If you are a physician in your first year of practice, your county medical society may offer a discount on county membership dues. To redeem, select option 1 above and enter the appropriate discount code from the list below:


    County Discount Code   County Discount Code
    Bergen ber2013rfy Morris mor2013rfy
    Cumberland cum2013rfy Passiac pas2013rfy
    Essex ess2013rfy Somerset som2013rfy
    Hudson hud2013rfy Union uni2013rfy

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