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    More than 200 physicians are voting members of the House of Delegates, the Medical Society of New Jersey’s top policy-making body. Other physicians may belong as non-voting members. The House of Delegates holds an annual meeting in April and May. All MSNJ boards, councils, committees, and sections report to the House.

    The House is comprised of elected county medical society delegates (one delegate per 22 members or fraction on record at MSNJ). It also includes members of the MSNJ Board of Trustees; councilors; the New Jersey AMA delegation; the Council on Legislation; chairs of other councils; and delegates from the Organized Medical Staff Section, Resident and Fellows Section, Medical Student Section, International Medical Graduate Section, Section on Academic Medicine, and selected specialty societies.

    Members wishing to have an idea or change adopted as MSNJ policy are encouraged to present their suggestion to their local county medical society. The county society, if it wishes, may then submit it as a resolution (see sample form for submitting resolution) at the next meeting of the House of Delegates. If adopted by the House and if it has nationwide appeal, it may be forwarded to the AMA for action.

    In the case of a county society’s not agreeing with an idea or recommendation, the member may contact a delegate from the society and ask that he or she submit a resolution for consideration by the House. Ideas and action also are developed and sent to the House for consideration by boards, councils, committees, and sections.

    For more information please phone 609.896.1766, ext. 0, or e-mail info@msnj.org.

    2015 Annual Meeting Reports  

    Agenda House of Delegates 2015

    2015 Resolutions (Staff Notes added)

    Speaker Letter

    Report of the Status of 2015 Annual Meeting Resolutions 

    2015 House of Delegates - Final Resolutions Report

    2015 House of Delegates Election Results

    Reports Recommended for Adoption

    1. Secretary
    2. Treasurer 
    3. Committee on Finance & Budget   
    4. Nomination for Emeritus Membership   Supplemental Emeritus Report #1   Supplemental Emeritus Report #2
    5. Deceased Members Report
    6. Annual Review of Outside Contracts
    7. Judicial Council Report
    8. Report of Committee on Revision of Constitution & Bylaws 
    9. Report of the Status of 2014 Annual Meeting Resolutions Updated April 30, 2015
    10. Revolving Reference Committee Report / Resolutions Status Report
    11. Report of Reference Committee
    12. Offices to be Filled by Election

    Additional Reports

    1. 2014/2015 Board Members
    2. Report of the Nominating Committee

    Past Annual Meeting Reports

    Constitution & Bylaws

    MSNJ Constitution and Bylaws updated July 2014

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