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    MSNJ convenes several administrative councils and standing committees to advance the medical profession and run the business of the society. Councils and committees may initiate projects of their own choosing, as well as perform functions and duties assigned to them by the Board of Trustees and/or the House of Delegates. Their actions and recommendations are subject to Board of Trustees’ approval. Members of the councils and committees may be elected by the House or appointed by the president.

    Below is a listing of the councils and brief descriptions, followed by the chair, vice-chair and MSNJ staff liaison. The calendar section of this web site will include schedules of council meetings, which are open to general membership. Please contact the staff liaison for information on council membership and current issues.


    Board of Trustees

    The MSNJ Board of Trustees is comprised of at-large members and MSNJ officers who serve ex officio. The Board manages the business and financial affairs of the Society, implements the policies of the House of Delegates, establishes interim policy of the Society between meetings of the House of Delegates, and monitors the program activities of the Society’s councils and committees.

    Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes and Documents

    Executive Committee - 2017-2018 Meeting Schedule

    Title Name County
    President Christopher E. Gribbin, MD Middlesex
    President – Elect John W. Poole, MD
    1st Vice-President Marc J. Levine, MD
    2nd Vice-President Steven P. Shikiar, MD Hudson
    Secretary Steven Orland, MD Mercer
    Treasurer Philip E Kline, MD
    Immediate Past President Joseph P. Costabile Camden



    Name County Title
    Robyn Agri, MD

    Peter Blumenthal, MD Essex At-Large
    Donald M. Chervenak, MD Morris
    John J. DiGioia, Jr., MD Hudson
    Kennedy U. Ganti, MD Burlington
    Arif Hashmi, MD Camden
    Subhash G. Mehta, MD
    Cape May

    Nancy L. Mueller, MD Bergen Speaker, House of Delegates
    Kiritkumar M. Pandya, MD Ocean
    Soumen Samaddar, MD Hunterdon Vice-Speaker, House of Delegates
    Satish Shah, MD Cumberland
    David Swee, MD Middlesex
    Anthony J. Tarasenko, MD Union
    Ilesha Sevak

    Medical Student Section Delegate
    Melvin Mathew

    Medical Student Section Alternate 
    John P. Feltz, MD Large Group - Lifeline Medical Associates
    James Salwitz, MD Large Group - Regional Cancer Care Associates
    Justin Sambol, MD Academic Medicine Section - Rutgers University

    IMG Section

    OMS Section


    Specialty Societies



    Judicial Council

    The Judicial Council acts as the judicial body of the Society, comprised of an elected councilor from each of the five judicial districts in the state. The Council is responsible for receiving complaints about the professional or ethical conduct of MSNJ members, and to rule on any matter of discipline or appeal brought on appeal from a county judicial committee.

    Nicole A. Henry-Dindail, MD - District 1
    John J. DiGioia Jr., MD - District 2
    Steven Orland, MD - District 3
    Praveen Gollapudi, MD - District 4
    Suketu Nanavati, MD - District 5


    AMA Delegation

    The AMA delegation represents New Jersey within the AMA.

    Chair – John W. Poole, MD
    Vice Chair – Niranjan V. Rao, MD
    Staff Liaison – Sue Hoisington


    Policy & Strategy Panel

    There are a number of councils and committees through which MSNJ members work with the board of trustees to establish MSNJ policies, develop strategies of carrying out those policies, and overseeing the operations of the organization.

    The Policy and Strategy Panel (PSP) brings together the members of a number of these committees and councils. Its meetings include invited experts, consultants, and MSNJ members who are interested in the topics under discussion.

    Because its members represent a wide range of organizational expertise—from biomedical ethics to legislative activity, from public health to medical services—the PSP looks at MSNJ policy with the shared understanding of the issues that are important to the practice of medicine. It lends a perspective that allows for a finely honed overall grasp of the impact of MSNJ policy on the protection of public health and on the healthcare delivery system.

    Policy & Strategy Panel Minutes & Documents

    Co-Chairs – John W. Poole, MD and Marc J. Levine, MD
    Staff Liaison – Mishael Azam, Esq.


    Council on Legislation

    The Council on Legislation develops and implements legislative policies that promote patients’ and physicians’ interests.

    Chair – Steven Richards, MD
    Liaison – Mishael Azam, Esq.


    Councils on Medical Services

    The Council on Medical Services studies, recommends, and initiates activities related to MSNJ and its members, and the services of facilities used in the business of medicine and constraints on the practice of medicine. It represents MSNJ in relationships with insurers and other organizations and agencies.

    Chair – David E. Swee, MD
    Vice Chair - Nancy L. Mueller, MD
    Staff Liaison – Lawrence Downs, Esq.


    Committee on Annual Meeting

    The Committee on Annual Meeting plans, develops, administers, and evaluates programs for MSNJ’s annual meeting.

    Chair – John W. Poole, MD
    Staff Liaison – Mishael Azam, Esq.


    Committee on Credentials

    The Committee on Credentials reviews and verifies information on new member applications and makes recommendations on the election of new members.

    Chair – Steven Orland, MD
    Staff Liaison – Mishael Azam, Esq.


    Committee on Finance and Budget

    The Committee on Finance and Budget plans and oversees MSNJ’s financial operations.

    Chair – Bruce A. Monaghan, MD
    Staff Liaison – Lawrence Downs, Esq., CEO


    Committee on Medical Education

    The Committee on Medical Education coordinates MSNJ’s medical education activities and accredits organizations that sponsor continuing medical education activities.

    Chair – Bernardo J. Toro Echague, MD
    Vice Chair – Emmanuel F. Ashong, MD
    Staff Liaison – Ruth Zarzycki


    New Jersey Political Action Committee

    Chair – John W. Poole, MD
    Vice Chair – R. Gregory Sachs, MD
    Staff Liaison - Mishael Azam, Esq.


    Committee on Revision of Constitution

    The Committee on Revision of Constitution and Bylaws oversees fact-finding and serves as the advisory body on matters pertaining to the MSNJ Constitution and Bylaws. It handles long-range organizational planning.

    Chair – Charles M. Moss, MD
    Staff Liaison – Melinda Martinson, Esq.


    Committee on Biomedical Ethics

    The Committee on Biomedical Ethics brings ethical analysis of the practice of medicine to the issues confronting physicians and patients through the process of birth, life, and death.

    Chair – John F. McGeehan, MD


    Committee on Public Health

    The Committee on Public Health recommends policy position, strategic directions and actions on issues important to health and healthcare for considerations by the MSNJ Board of Trustees.

    Chair - Fred Jacobs, MD
    Staff Liaison - Lawrence Downs, Esq.

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