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    Comments to MSNJ-sponsored sites, including social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, are welcome and encouraged, and we look forward to hearing from you. To promote respectful discussion within these forums, we request that you be courteous and productive and avoid comments that are profane, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, inappropriate, inflammatory, illegal or otherwise objectionable. Submitting patient information about yourself or others on the MSNJ-sponsored sites violates HIPAA regulations. Do not, under any circumstances post personal health information about yourself or your patients. Social media sites often foster debate of an issue; users are to engage in such exchanges with mutual respect for others’ opinions. You must be at least 18 years of age to post any content on any MSNJ social media site.

    For the privacy of users and their families, please be advised that all postings to MSNJ-sponsored sites will be publicly available on the Internet and therefore publicly accessible without limitation or protection of any kind. Please consider how much personal information to share, with the understanding that this information may be linked to your name and published on the Internet. By posting a comment or other material to MSNJ-sponsored sites as outlined above, users give MSNJ the irrevocable right and license to exercise all copyright, publicity, and moral rights with respect to any content you provide, which includes using your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media, including but not limited to: displaying, modifying, reproducing, distributing, creating other works from, and publishing your submission. MSNJ reserves the right to review all comments before they are posted, and to edit them to preserve readability for other users. However, MSNJ does not actively monitor all of its social media sites and assumes no responsibility for postings that violate MSNJ’s Terms of Use.

    MSNJ reserves the right to reject or remove comments for any reason, including but not limited to our belief that the comments violate MSNJ’s policies, including MSNJ’s anti trust policy, to determine in its sole discretion which submissions meet its qualifications for posting, and to remove comments for any reason, including but not limited to our belief that the comments violate these Terms of Use. Any submissions that fail to follow these terms and conditions in any way or are otherwise irrelevant will not be posted. Due to the sheer volume or appropriateness, MSNJ will not respond to every posting. MSNJ assumes no responsibility for posting that violate these Terms of Use. We also reserve the right to amend these Terms of Use from time to time in our judgment to address issues that may arise and changes in our operations or the law.

    In posting material on MSNJ-sponsored sites, you agree not to:

    1. Post material that MSNJ determines is threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or hostile towards any individual or entity.
    2. Post phone numbers or email addresses of yourself or any other individual or entity in the body of your comment – you cannot assume the good intentions of everyone who reads them.
    3. Post material that infringes on the rights of MSNJ or any individual or entity, including privacy, patient information, intellectual property or publication right.
    4. Post material that promotes or advertises a commercial product or solicits business or membership or financial or other support in any business, group or organization except those that are officially sponsored by MSNJ. Before posting this kind of material, you should check with the Social Media team at info@msnj.org.
    5. Post chain letters, post the same comment multiple times, or otherwise distribute “spam” via the MSNJ-sponsored blog.
    6. Allow any other individual or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments.
    7. Post comments under multiple names or using another person’s name.

     In addition, you agree to:

    1. Indemnify and hold harmless MSNJ, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, successors and assigns against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, causes of action, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of any claim by a third-party relating to any material user has posted on MSNJ sponsored sites.
    2. Grant to MSNJ the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish display such content and the right to create derivative works from your contents, edit or modify such content and use such content for any MSNJ purpose.
    3. Any dispute or claim relating to your posting of any content on a social media site on the Internet shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey without regard to its conflict of laws provisions and you agree to be bound and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the local, state or federal courts located in New Jersey. 

    MSNJ reserves the right to do any of all of the following:

    1. Ban future posts from people who repeatedly violate our Terms of Use. We may affect such bans by refusing posts from specific email addresses or IP addresses, or through other means as necessary.
    2. Remove or edit comments at any time, whether or not they violate these Terms of Use.

    Medical Information Disclaimer:

    1. MSNJ-sponsored sites are not a forum for the exchange of medical, clinical or personal health information, or for advice or the promotion of self-destructive behavior. While users may freely discuss any appropriate topics, do not look to the sites for information or advice. Instead, it is recommended that users speak directly and confidentially to their healthcare professionals about medical issues.
    2. The information on MSNJ-sponsored sites is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is in no way intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical or other conditions. In addition to all other limitations and disclaimers in this agreement, MSNJ disclaims any liability or loss in connection with the content provided on MSNJ-sponsored sites.

    By posting a comment or material of any kind on a MSNJ-sponsored site, the user hereby agrees to the Terms of Use set forth above.

    MSNJ reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.

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