SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate)

    Repeal the SGR: Take Action NOW!

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    Long-awaited and hard-fought legislation to permanently repeal the fatally flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula now is before both chambers of Congress with last week's introduction of the SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2014 (H.R. 4015/ S. 2000).

    The three key congressional committees of jurisdiction came to this bipartisan, bicameral agreement in advance of the March 31 deadline to prevent Medicare cuts of 24.1 percent. The bill incorporates many AMA and MSNJ recommendations to reform the health care delivery and physician payment system and improve care for America's seniors.

    This legislation would provide physicians with positive annual payment updates of 0.5 percent for five years. It also includes medical liability protections and significant funding for resources and tools to help physicians in small practices transition to new payment and delivery models.

    Congress is now closer than ever before to enacting fiscally prudent legislation that would permanently repeal the SGR formula. Amplifying the physician voice on this issue now is critical.

    The key points to stress with your representative and senators are:

    1. For at least 12 years, Congress has recognized the imperative of reforming the Medicare physician payment system. Now that a bipartisan, bicameral policy has been developed, it's time to stop thinking about the problem and seize the opportunity to solve it.
    2. Congress must act as soon as possible and vote in support of permanently repealing the flawed Medicare SGR formula.
    3. Congress must avoid continuing the fiscally irresponsible cycle of short-term patches that contribute to the Medicare program's instability and do nothing to solve the underlying problem.

    Be sure to visit for the latest information and resources on the campaign to repeal the flawed Medicare SGR formula and achieve reform that will transform Medicare into an effective, 21st-century model of care.



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