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    ACMS 2012 Scholarship Application

    Scholarship requirements

    The Scholarship Fund of the Atlantic County Medical Society was established in 1970. Dr. Maurice Gordon made a $5,000 donation in memory of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gordon. Dr. Gordon contributed $5,000 per year for several years, with a total donation of $35,000.

    A Scholarship Committee was formed with Dr. Harry Hoffman serving as chairman for nine years. Dr. Hoffman and the Scholarship Committee established rules and regulations. The Scholarship Fund was incorporated on March 12, 1969.

    Atlantic Radiology made a $2,500 contribution to the fund for two consecutive years.

    In 1980, Mrs. Pearl Thomas of Pleasantville died and left one third of her estate (approximately $90,000) to the Medical Society for the sole purpose of granting scholarships to local medical students who would hopefully return to this area. The remainder of her estate was divided as follows: one third to the Osteopathic Medical Society and one third to the Salvation Army.

    Dr. and Mrs. Edward Wrobleski Scholarship Fund was established in 1996 and has donated scholarship money each year to medical students in need of finances. Ocean City Bank donates money each year to the scholarship fund.

    AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center and Shore Medical Center Medical Staffs have contributed greatly to the scholarship fund for the last several years.

    In 1999 South Shore Health Plans donated $75,000 to the society to establish the South Shore Health Plans Scholarship account. In 2004 they donated another $25,000 for a total of $100,000.

    Dr. Herbert Axilrod was appointed chairman of the Scholarship Fund in 1979 and served in this capacity through 1983. Dr. Marc Peck served as chairman from 1984 through 1998. Dr. Fred Dalzell became chairman in 1999. Trustees were appointed to the fund including Mr. Robert Mayer of Prudential Securities, Ralph Cavalier, MD and Marvin Green, MD. In 1983, Dr. Marvin Roth and Dr. Alan Simpson were appointed as Trustees, with Dr. Green and Dr. Cavalier retiring from this position. At present, Fred Dalzell, Gary Feinberg, Zubair Syed, Harry Chaikin and Lisa Dierkes are the trustees. New trustees will be appointed according to the rules and regulations.

    A separate banking account at Guardian Bank was established to be used for expenses involved in maintaining the Scholarship Fund. The Guardian account was closed in 1986 and a new account was opened at Bank America in Somers Point.

    A total of $604,500 has been awarded in scholarships from 1970 to the present. From 1970 to 1980, the average scholarship was $3,600 and from 1981 to the present, the average scholarship has been $6,714.

    A total of 98 medical students have been awarded scholarships to date with the highest award being $15,000.

    The following physicians have returned to this area to practice:

    • David Sagransky, M.D. - IM and Rheumatology
    • Frederick Dalzell, M.D. - Orthopedics
    • Raymond Marotta, M.D. - Family Practice
    • Diego Fiorentino, D.O.- Internal Medicine
    • James Dalzell, MD - Radiation Therapy
    • Brian Kirchner, MD - Internal Medicine
    • Stanley Marczyk, MD - Orthopedics
    • Judy Tassone, M.D. - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    • Daniel Altman, M.D. - Internal Medicine
    • Robert Cimino, M.D. - Emergency Medicine
    • Peter Sarkos, D.O. - Orthopedics
    • Magee DeFelice, M.D. - Allergy/Immunology
    • Jessica Roeske, D.O. - Resident Atlanticare





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    Lisa Dierkes, Executive Director

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