Medical Practice Management Section

    The Medical Practice Management Section of the Medical Society of New Jersey has been formed as a means for the practice managers within the state to have a voice and resource center for the assimilation and dissemination of information vital to the continued growth of medical practices. It offers opportunity for networking, the sharing of ideas and a platform for the voice of the medical practices throughout the state of New Jersey.

    To be eligible for membership, practice managers must have a sponsoring physician, who is an active member of MSNJ.

    To learn more about the Medical Practice Managers Section, contact the MSNJ Member Resource Center at 609-896-1766, or e-mail

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    Claims Assistance Program

    The Claims Assistance Program (CAP) was designed to assist MSNJ members with claims payment and other managed care issues. CAP began in 2003 and has helped over 1,000 members with over $3.5 million in claims issues to date.


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