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    Congrats to MSNJ Board Member Bruce A. Monaghan, M.D. newly elected Vice President of Inspira Medical Center Woodbury http://t.co/m4xPJdNSRL @TimesofTrenton:"Confronting #PrescriptionDrug #Addiction is a Complex Task" - MSNJ CEO @lawrencedowns via @njdotcom http://t.co/R20xPKGiIJ MSNJ member Dr. Ted Louie with @nj1015 News Director Eric Scott after this week's Town Hall Special on Vaccinations http://t.co/LrLToY52Oe #Vaccination Debate - @nj1015 Town Hall Series featuring MSNJ Member Dr. Ted Louie: http://t.co/LnMKThowET via @YouTube TONIGHT at 7 p.m.: The vaccination debate – a @nj1015 Town Hall special feat. MSNJ member Dr. Ted Louie: http://t.co/3zbp7vBr5J

    MSNJ is accepting applications from candidates interested in positions on the Board of Trustees, AMA Delegation, Judicial Council and various positions. Please review the MSNJ Declared Candidates for 2015 as of December 23rd (Please note: Not all Counties have Submitted Candidates) and read a brief synopsis of the positions and expectations. Your involvement is key to the Success of MSNJ.


    If you are interested in running for a position or have questions about specific vacancies, please feel free to contact your County Executive or Sue Hoisington at 609-896-1766 x 207.

    The Deadline to submit a request is Wednesday, January 21, 2015. The Nominating Committee meeting is on Sunday, February 1, 2015.

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