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    By: GUEST on Aug 16, 2018

    By: OneHealth New Jersey

    One of the benefits to participating in OneHealth New Jersey is the opportunity to offer your patients secure online access to their personal health record through the patient portal. myNJHealtheRecords is a convenient, secure patient portal ideal for empowering patients to review their medical information, send their doctor questions, and manage paperwork on line for both patients and clinicians.

    In spite of these obvious benefits, it is difficult for practices to convince patients to use portals, or even to sign up in the first place. Practices must reinforce the value of the portal to patients, and often provide their staff with training in ways to successfully engage patients online. Read three, tried and true suggestions to increasing patient portal usage.

    1. Make portals indispensable for patients and staff.

    Be specific in explaining to patients that this portal is how the office gets lab work results quickly back to them. This is how the practice functions. The patient portal is the primary mode of communication for updates, lab results, appointments. Some practices even make sign-up for the portal mandatory with reminders at times of appointments.

    2. Show & tell with hands’-on approach.

    Often the sticking power for getting patients to use portals is found by using a hands’-on approach to show them how to use the portal and tell them what the benefits are to be gained.

    Some practices will even go so far as to create an email account for patients who don’t already have one, and then walk them through step-by-step for logging in and accessing information.

    The extra effort often reduces work for the practices in the long run by making patients better agents of their own care. A display in the exam room can allow the clinician to review portal-based charts and lab results with patients, demonstrate progress and explain data.

    3. Integrate use of the portal in each phase of a patient’s visit.

    Training staff members on every aspect of the portal is often the first step to integrating the portal into each phase of a patient’s visit from check-in to check-out and beyond. When the patient checks in, the staff reminds them of the portal and or helps them sign up. In the exam room the clinician offers to send additional information, lab results, or answers to questions. At check-out the front desk staff reminds patients they can pay bills and ask follow-up questions online.

    Combining these strategies allows practices to encourage the portal’s use, and demonstrate the time savings and convenience.

    OneHealth New Jersey gives patients a simple and secure place to find all of their health records in one place, any time. It’s called myNJHealtheRecords. The myNJHealtheRecords portal is a smart way to manage medical information: it's all in one place online – with one location to keep records on everything from medications and allergies to previous illnesses and injuries.

    Patients can update, organize and access myNJHealtheRecords using a computer, tablet or smartphone. And, patients can securely share medical information with any health care provider. Doing so gives clinicians an accurate and complete picture of the patient’s health while reducing medical errors and duplicate tests.

    OneHealth New Jersey is a physician-led health information network delivered in partnership with the Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ) offering a suite of health information technology tools to help health professionals across the state of New Jersey CONNECT. ANALYZE. ENGAGE. and TRANSFORM. the health care industry. More information.


    Released: August 16, 2018, 7:29 am
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