AMA: Last-Minute Action to Avert Cuts to Physicians Shows the Need for Meaningful Medicare Changes

    By: Brianna B Meister on Jan 02, 2013

    For immediate release:
    Jan. 1, 2013

    Statement attributable to:
    Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD
    President, American Medical Association

    “Congress averted a drastic cut of 26.5 percent from hitting physicians who care for Medicare patients on January 1. This patch temporarily alleviates the problem, but Congress’ work is not complete; it has simply delayed this massive, unsustainable cut for one year. Over the next months, it must act to eliminate this ongoing problem once and for all.

    “This last-minute action on the part of Congress is a clear example of how the Medicare program is increasingly unreliable for physicians and patients. This instability stalls progress in moving Medicare toward new health care delivery models that can improve value for patients through better care coordination. Physicians want to work with Congress to move past this ongoing crisis and toward a Medicare program that ensures access to care and the best health outcomes for patients and a stable, rewarding practice environment for physicians.”


    Released: January 2, 2013, 2:22 pm
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