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    Middlesex County Medical Society
    575 Cranbury Road, B7
    East Brunswick, NJ 08816

    Phone: 732.257.6800
    Fax:  732.257.6775
    Email: mcmsnj1@gmail.com

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    About Middlesex County Medical Society


    The Middlesex County Medical Society is an organization of physicians dedicated to serving the best interests of its members and patients

    MCMS is New Jersey's premier county medical organization, leading through competent, creative, proactive leadership and adminstration, and vigorous advocacy on behalf of physicians and the community at large.


    Patient Safety:
    MCMS recognizes that safe patient care is our paramount goal. MCMS promotes control improvement in quality, patient safety, and public health

    Membership into MCMS is a privilege of physicians who are dedicated to the ethical provision of health care. The Society recognizes the Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association (AMA) as the basic guide to the ethical conduct of its members

    MCMS promotes the dissemination and application of knowledge that improves the care of patients, emphasizing significant legislative and regulatory matters, patients safety issues, as well as practice management support

    Leadership and Service:
    MCMS strongly encourages citizenship in its members and staff through active participation in national, state and local professional organizations, as well as through services to community and charitable organizations.

    Strategic Priorities

    • Advocacy
    • Strategic Planning
    • Member Benefits
    • Effective Infrastructure
    • Fiscal Responsibility

    Strategic Goals and Objectives:

    • Goal 1: ADVOCACY - Advocate to state legislature and regulatory bodies that patients safety, public health and patient access to health care services deserves tangible recognition and support.
      1. Assist members to develop effective relationships with key legislators and regulators
      2. Increase the state Political Action Committee (PAC) participation.
      3. Enhance patient safety by protecting existing scoop-of-practice laws and regulations.
      4. Identify and pursue opportunities for coalition building with other county and specialty societies.
    • Goal 2: ADVOCACY - be a potent and effective grassroots source for the advancement of physicians and patients.
      1. Make MCMS widely recognized as a leading organization for addressing physician issues in Middlesex County
             and Central Jersey.
    • Goal 3: STRATEGIC PLANNING - Thinking, planning, prioritizing and assessing are vital core strength and culture of this society.
      1. Identify Strategic Planning Priorities for the Upcoming Year
    • Goal 4: MEMBER BENEFIT - Support physician practices.
      1. Disseminate information on society affiliated vendors who provide physician services to members.
      2. Provide member benefit services to members.
      3. Serve as the political advocacy organization that supports the practices and principles of the specialty societies
    • Goal 5: EFFECTIVE INFRASTRUCTURE - to develop an MCMS organizational infrastructure to support the achievement
                  of MCMS's mission, values and strategic plan.
      1. Identify and implement association management best practices in all aspects of infrastructure support.
      2. Identify yearly, major improvements to the infrastructure.
      3. Develop information technologies (IT), training and support for improvements throughout the infrastructure.
      4. Provide an effective governance structure to assist the officers, directors, delegates and committee chairs in carrying
              out the business of MCMS.
      5. Develop a high-performing, satisfied, member-focused staff.
      6. Develop MCMS as a learning organization that is responsive to individual member and organizational needs.
      7. Look for ways to generate non-due revenue to ensure a diversified source of funding to support member benefits.
      1. Upcoming year's budget finalized in 4th quarter of preceding year.
      2. Society should strive to make 40% of annual income as non-dues revenue.

    County Historical News

    "Glimpse of History: Robert Wood Johnson attends 1958 dedication ceremony at Middlesex General Hospital" - May 1, 2011, Star Ledger

    County Events

    2016 Middlesex County Medical Society Annual Meeting - July 23, 2016

    Click here for agenda and award recipients

    Click here for past recipients

    MidCMS Foundation

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    MidCMS Officers

    Officers & Board Members

    Rocco R. Tutela, MD, President

    Mark Niemiera, MD, Vice-President

    Evan Frieberg, MD, Secretary

    Ted Louie, MD, Treasurer

    Robert Casper, MD, Immediate Past President

    MidCMS Board Members

    Sameer Desai, MD
    Kenneth Kaplan, MD
    Linda Korman, MD
    Steven Richards, MD
    Tariq Rizvi, MD
    James Salwitz, MD

    Exoficio Board

    Chris Kolasa, MD, SPUH
    Josua Bershad, MD, RWJUH
    Gregorio J. Guillen, MD, RBMC
    Jasbir Sarkaria, MD, JFKMC

    MidCMS Presidential Advisory Board

    Leticia De Castro, MD
    Didler Demesmin, MD
    Christopher Gribbin, MD
    Jay Horowitz, MD
    Steven Krawet, MD
    Niranjan V Rao, MD, Past President, MSNJ, AMA Delegation
    Steven Reich, MD
    Steven Richards, MD
    David Swee, MD, AMA Delegate
    Thomas Vates, MD


    Executive Director

    Nancy Pinkin, MPA, CHE





















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