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    Mercer County Medical Society
    2 Princess Road
    Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

    Phone: 609.882.1048
    Email: mcmsnj1@gmail.com

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    Patient Resources


    Can you give me a physician referral?
    Yes, just contact our office at (732) 257.6800. Our database lists member physicians practicing throughout the County.

    What if I am looking for a Physician but he does not practice in Mercer County?
    Unfortunately, the Mercer County Medical Society can only give referrals on Physicians members practicing or living in Mercer County. You can contact the Medical Society of New Jersey at (609) 896-1766 or another county’s medical society. Below is a list of phone numbers to each county medical society:

    Atlantic County Medical Society:
    Bergen County Medical Society
    Burlington County Medical Society:
    Camden County Medical Society:
    Cape May County Medical Society:
    Cumberland County Medical Society:
    Essex County Medical Society:
    Gloucester County Medical Society:
    Hudson County Medical Society:
    Hunterdon County Medical Society:
    Mercer County Medical Society:
    Middlesex County Medical Society:
    Monmouth County Medical Society:
    Morris County Medical Society:
    Ocean County Medical Society:
    Passaic County Medical Society:
    Salem County Medical Society:
    Somerset County Medical Society:
    Sussex County Medical Society:
    Union County Medical Society:
    Warren County Medical Society:

    (609) 926-3488
    (201) 489-2071
    856) 231-1515
    (856) 672-1211
    (609) 926-3488
    (856) 794-2209
    (973) 239-9392
    (856) 845-6161
    (201) 798-0600
    (908) 788-6367
    (609) 882-1048
    (732) 257-6800
    (732) 905-5152
    (973) 539-8888
    (732) 905-5152
    (973) 696-8822
    (856) 769-0900
    (908) 507-5153
    (973) 579-8337
    (908) 789-8603
    (908) 859-9494















    Can my doctor tell me that he/she does not want to see me anymore as a patient?
    As long as you are not being treated under circumstances where your life or health may be threatened or compromised unless timely medical care is given, the doctor may terminate the relationship. The doctor must notify the patient, in writing, that he/she will no longer provide care as a date certain, which cannot be less than thirty days prior to the termination date. This letter must be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested. The doctor, however, is obligated to provide all necessary emergency care and services, including providing necessary prescriptions, until the date of termination. If requested by the patient, the doctor must make reasonable efforts to assist the patient in finding another provider and the transfer of the medical records.

    How long must a doctor keep my medical records?
    A doctor has to keep a patient’s medical records for seven years. After that, the physician can destroy them. There is no requirement in the law that requires the physician to notify a patient prior to destroying the records. It is recommended that you request a copy of your medical records when you are changing physicians.

    Can a doctor charge me for my medical records?
    The Doctor may charge the patient to copy the records, which cannot be greater than $1.00 per page or $100.00 for the entire record, whichever is less. If the record is less than 10 pages, the doctor may charge $10. A "service fee" may not be charged apart from these amounts. Charges for copies of x-rays and other documents which cannot be reproduced by ordinary photocopying machines are to be charged at the actual costs to reproduce them.

    The Doctor has 30 days after he/she receives a written request from the patient, another doctor, an attorney, insurance company, or another family member if the patient expressly authorizes it. If the patient had provided a set of records from the patient’s previous Doctor, the patient has a right to have these included as part of the entire medical record. Physicians may not refuse to release a copy of a patient’s medical record if they are needed for on going treatment if the patient owes money for the medical services the physician provided. The physician, however, can hold the record until the patient pays for the costs to reproduce the record, providing the record is not required for on going medical care.

    Do I have a right to my medical records?
    In most instances, the patient has a right to receive a copy of his or her medical records, not the original. Although most patients assume that the records belong to them, the NJ State Board of Medical Examiners requires that the physician maintain the original to ensure that the patient’s medical history is available to any subsequent treating physician or health care provider. Copies may be given to the patient, another doctor, your attorney, your insurance company or another family member if the patient expressly authorizes it. If a patient is deceased, the duly appointed executor or administrator of the estate may obtain copies also. Medical records cannot be released to a spouse, family member (except in the case of a child), attorney or any other person unless the patient gives his/her express consent to release them to that specific person.

    What is the Mercer County Medical Society?
    The Mercer County Medical Society is a charter component of the Medical Society of New Jersey. It is a voluntary organization of physicians who practice or reside in Mercer County and is dedicated to advancing the art of medicine, insuring that state-of-the-art care is rendered by its members, improving doctor-patient relationships, and distributing public health information for Mercer County residents.

    Need more assistance?
    Contact the Mercer County Medical Society’s office at 609-882-1048.

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