The Institute of Medicine and Public Health of New Jersey (IOMPHNJ) is a private, not-for-profit corporation working to improve the health status of New Jersey residents through innovative public health practice and high quality medical care.

    IOMPHNJ seeks to achieve these goals by developing solutions to the public health and healthcare challenges facing New Jersey through continuing medical education, partnerships, policy development, research, and law. IOMPHNJ works collaboratively with partners in public health and medicine in all areas of government, academia, and the private sector. IOMPHNJ is partnership driven and result oriented.

    IOMPHNJ was formed by the Medical Society of New Jersey in 2003 to merge general grant-funded initiatives in public health—including its flagship project, New Jersey Breathes (NJB).


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    President: Edward von der Schmidt, III, DVM, MD
    Vice President: Mr. Bill Bartzak
    Treasurer: David Swee, MD
    Secretary: Steven A. Holt, Esq.

    Joseph Fennelly, MD Emmanuel Frederick Ashong, MD Executive Director: Lawrence Downs, Esq.
    Sharol Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA A. Ralph Kristeller, MD, MS, FACP 609-896-1766, ext. 207
    Alan J. Lippman, MD Robert Like, MD, MS Staff Contact: Marlene M. Kalayilparampil, MHA
    Paul J. Miniter Dennis J. Alessi, Esq 609-896-1766, ext. 258
    Nicholas M. Ponzio, Ph.D. Peter M. Costello
    Joseph H. Reichman, MD John Juchniewicz, MCIS, CCMEP
    Ruth J. Schulze, MD

    Mr. Samuel E.”Skip” Vichness



    • Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) Physicians Outreach
    • Alpha Project – Physicians Committed to Excellence
    • Physician’s Disaster Preparedness
    • Tri-county Cancer Coalition Men’s Health Conference
    • Childhood Cancer Work Group Conference
    • Smokefree Air Act Implementation funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    • Continuing Medical Education Lectures
    • CME Accreditation

    CEHCD Information

    • CEHCD - 5 Year Report
    • CEHCD e-Newsletter
    • Effect of New Healthcare Legislation to Address Issues of Health Disparities - Brief

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