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    Cape May County Medical Society Mission

    The Purpose of the Cape May County Medical Society is to:

    • To safeguard and promote the health of the people of Cape May County;
    • To organize physicians who are licensed to practice medicine and surgery in this county;
    • To strengthen professional bonds and friendly relations among the physicians of the county;
    • To join with other county societies in this state to form the Medical Society of New Jersey;
    • To promote the highest standard of medical practice and ethical conduct among all physicians;
    • To educate the public in prevention of disease and preservation of health;
    • To enhance the value of medical service to humanity; and
    • To promote scientific medical knowledge and to encourage continuous education among the members of the society for the advancement of the art and science of medicine.

    Election of Members
    Applications for membership are for the Medical Society of New Jersey as well as Cape May County Medical Society. Your application may also be used for membership in the AMA. (AMA membership is encouraged, but optional). All physicians will receive a history questionnaire to complete to aid CMCMS in conducting referrals from a computer. Physicians should also call CMCMS with any change(s) of their base information.

    Referrals for Patients
    One of the primary functions of the CMCMS office is to give physician referrals to the public. (These referrals are restricted to members of CMCMS only).

    Health and dental insurance, as well as Major Medical, Life, Retirement Plans, etc. are available to members of the county and state societies through plans sponsored by the Medical Society of New Jersey. These insurances offer excellent coverage at reasonable rates. Office employees of enrolled physicians may also be covered through some of these insurance programs.

    Executive Committee

    Cape May County Medical Society
    PO Box 581
    Somers Point, NJ 08244-2414
    Phone: 609.926.3488
    E-mail: manishsinghmd@yahoo.com

    President -          Manish Singh, MD
    Vice President-  Tom Dierkes, DO
    Treasurer-          Amit Patel, MD
    Secretary-           Vijay Gandhi, MD
    Delegate-            Subhash Mehta, MD
                                 Suketu Nanavati, MD




    Glenn Insurance, Inc



    Fabietti, Hale, Hammerstedt
    & Powers, PA

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