As a member of the Bergen County Medical Society and the Medical Society of NJ, you are entitled to a number of benefits associated with your membership.


    The Bergen County Medical Society has a Judicial Committee in place to handle all complaints patients have against our Physician members. The Judicial Committee is comprised of ten members duly elected active members of the Society. One of these shall be an individual residing in Bergen County who is not a member of the Society or licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey. The Judicial Committee shall be responsible only to the membership of the Bergen County Medical Society.


    The Bergen County Medical Society is the county's trusted physician referral source for the community.  With the introduction of DocbookMD (please include link) members can refer patients and communicate to other Bergen County Medical Society and/or Medical Society of NJ members in a HIPAA secure manner with an installation of its messaging app.  DocbookMD is available to members of the Medical Society.


    Due to the changing healthcare delivery landscape and the increasing number of physicians who wish to be employed, MSNJ has developed an employment contract review program for its members.

    MSNJ’s Corporate Partner Law Firms will offer an initial legal consultation for a discounted flat rate of $500.* Initial consultation includes:

    • preliminary review of the employment contract;
    • a written summary of terms of concern; and
    • a phone consultation with an attorney regarding contract provisions that may require modification or further negotiation.

    Members should contact the Corporate Partner of their choice to begin the consultation process. Members should expect to sign a retainer letter and/or representation agreement from the Corporate Partner chosen to perform the initial consultation. Employment Contract Review Program inquiries will be given priority by the participating firms.


    The Claims Assistance Program (CAP) was designed to assist MSNJ members with claims payment and other managed care issues. CAP began in 2003 and has helped over 1,000 members with over $3.5 million in claims issues to date.


    To explore more of how your membership can benefit you and your practice- click here.


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