On February 28, 1854 in Hackensack, NJ the dreams of many prominent physicians came true when the Bergen County Medical Society was formed. This “community” of doctors grew rapidly into a highly respected organization with members well known in the community and throughout the state.

    The Bergen County Medical Society continued to function until 1858 when it became inactive without suspending in part due to pre-civil war tensions. A decade later with the Civil War behind them the society emerged with Dr. Charles Hasbrouck as President. Steps were taken to insure an end to the frequent lapses and suspensions of meeting; new by-laws were written and adopted. Members were fined for missing meetings, permission was needed to leave a meeting early, and an automatic suspension was mandatory for failure to attend meetings over a three year period. The Bergen County Medical Society has continued to grow since that time so as to meet the ever increasing challenges a busy community presents. Membership was once required as part of being on a hospital staff ended after a court challenge. The Bergen County Medical Society has continued to recruit new physicians as members and to offer services to help retain those physicians already involved.

    As the society has grown in size, so has its responsibilities to its members and to the community it serves. Today the society handles hundreds of calls per month from patients looking for, or asking about a physician member. Civic groups use our speaker’s bureau to keep their members informed about the latest health care issues. Complaints against BCMS members can be adjudicated by the society’s judicial committee.

    The Bergen County Medical Society also has a strong commitment to support the practice of medicine for our members locally, and by working with the Medical Society of NJ on state issues along with the American Medical Association on national issues. Physicians and their staff know; if you have a question, call the Bergen County Medical Society.

    Good communication, the mainstay of any organization has been a major initiative of the society through the years. As the technology has changed, so has the Bergen County Medical Society. Today, members are kept informed with the “Bergen Newsline” the society’s fax program and with the society’s own internet website. The BCMS also holds membership meetings so as to keep its members up to date on the latest issues affecting the practice of medicine.

    Regardless of the medium used, members always have the ability to call the Society and ask for help. The Bergen County Medical Society is always there and willing to help.

    With a rich history of devoted members and leaders in the community, who just happen to be good physicians, we can expect even greater things to happen in the future.
    Stay a member and support your Bergen County Medical Society. See what the future holds.

    For information contact us at:
    Bergen County Medical Society
    1060 Main Street
    Riveredge, NJ 07661

    Phone: (201) 489-3140
    Fax: (201) 489-2071
    Email: info@bcmsnj.org


     President – Nancy Mueller, MD 


    Alexander Biener, MD
    Joseph Friedlander, MD
    Steven Frier, MD, MPH
    David Konigsberg, MD
    George Leipsner, MD
    Philip Micale, MD
    Charles Moss, MD
    John Nasr, MD
    Philip Poole, MD
    Robert Rigolosi, MD
    Michael Rosenberg, MD
    Ruth Schulze, MD

    Bergen Regional Medical Center 


    Joseph Friedlander, MD
    George Leipsner, MD


    David Konigsberg, MD  
    Alexander Biener, MD 
    Members At Large
    Steven Frier, MD, MPH
    George Lepsner, MD
    Nancy Mueller, MD
    Michael Rosenberg, MD
    1st Vice President to MSNJ- John Poole, MD
    Trustee and Speaker to the House of Delegates - Nancy Mueller, MD

    Chair:  John Poole, MD

    Communications Chairperson
    Joseph Friedlander, MD
    Executive Director
    Anjanette Sumala
    Contact the Bergen County Medical Society's offices at (201) 489-3140.
    Or you can email us at bcmsnj@verizon.net
    1060 Main Street, Suite 202
    River Edge, NJ 07661
    Telephone: (201) 489-3140
    Facsimile: (201) 489-2071
    Executive Director: Anjanette P. Sumala

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